Hello guys,

 My name is Anastasia, I’m 24 years old and I’m a GREEK based lifestyle and travel blogger with many entrepreneurial ideas.

Little things about me, I used to be a professional swimmer from since I can remember myself. What I gained all those years, are the keys that made me different from all others at my age. It takes discipline, focus, commitment, good time management skills and the most important, patience. You have to be passion about it and at the same time stay humble.

The goal in my life is to always find something to be passion about it and then do it. At the second year in college, my best friend inspired me and made me change my major (marketing) into a more creative major ‘entrepreneurship management’. The moment I took the first course I knew this will be my passion.

So now, what I had left to do was bring together all the other passions that I have (Instagram, fitness, wellness, food, healthy living lifestyle, bullet journaling, TRAVELLING, communicate with people, and so much more). This WEBSITE is all that IN ONE, this website is my escape, this website is my journey. Are you coming with me?